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Dream Builders Heroes Program

 What is Dream Builders’ Heroes?

Dream Builders’ Heroes is a program created to say “thank you” to the people of our community that are truly considered “heroes”. Who may that be?

• Military
• Police/Fire
• Teachers
• Doctors/Nurses
• Clergy

Do you fit one of those categories? If so, Dream Builders Realty wants to help you save money in return for all you do.


How does this program work?

Dream Builders Realty is committed to donating 20 percent of our commission back to you when you register for this program and buy or sell a home with us.

What kind of savings will you receive from the Dream Builders’ Heroes program?

Thousands of dollars can be saved when buying or selling a home with Dream Builders Realty.

When selling or buying a home with the Dream Builders Heroes’ Program, the typical savings is:

• Osceola County: $1,014*
• Orange County: $1,236*
• Seminole County: $1,260*
• Polk County: $990*

*Savings are based on the median sales price of the county the home is located in as of March 2016;
Osceola, $169,000 | Orange, $206,000 | Seminole, $210,000 | Polk, $165,000

Why does Dream Builders Realty offer this program?

We understand the important role you play in the life and success of our community. We also know every dollar counts when buying or selling a home and want to do our part in saying, “Thank you!” to you for your commitment and sacrifice.

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