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Renting 101

For Rent sign Renting a House in Central Florida

It is important to do your homework when renting a house in Central Florida. You want to be able to choose your home or apartment wisely.

Luckily, you don’t have to do this on your own. Let Dream Builders Realty guide you through the rental process. While our company is located in Central Florida, our Realtors® live here. We understand the market you’re searching in because it’s our home, too. We also know about the Orlando property management scene and can help you negotiate fees and rental rates. Below, find tips for renting a house, what your rental process might be like and how you can get started in your very own rental home search.

Let’s get started…


If you want to know exactly about the rental, talk to the people that live there. A current tenant is going to give you a great snapshot of life in this prospective apartment or rental home. Here are a few great questions to ask:

  • Do you like living here?
    • Have you had any problems while living here?
  • If so, what kind?
  • Is your landlord responsive?
    • Does the landlord return your calls?
    • Does the landlord respond to your maintenance requests in a timely manner?
  • Is it loud or noisy?
  • Is there anything you think I should know?


Before you sign your lease, make sure you read the fine print. If there is anything that doesn’t make sense to you, ask for it to be explained. If there is anything that you don’t like, ask if it can be changed.

Even after you sign the lease, keep all of your correspondences in a written format. It is a smart move to document everything, whether by email or letters. Following these steps will ensure that your time renting a house in Central Florida is a good experience.


It is not only the landlord’s job to take pictures and document the current state of the apartment. It is your job as well, and it ultimately benefits you. You do not want to be charged for someone else’s mistake. Make sure you take the extra step to ensure your security.